WAAAAAAA! Allereerst, eindelijk is het zover ik heb hier weken naar uit mogen kijken en nu zit ik dan met 200 mensen over de hele wereld in dezelfde virtuele ruimte #Istatribe. Onwerkelijk maar toch werkelijk. Mijn Line up voor voor de komende dagen:

  1. Removing the Masks door Aaron Kleinerman: “We live in a world with a million thoughts, beliefs and ideas. In this 1 hour workshop, you will discover the tools to authentically communicate from your heart. Discover simple ways to clear any past trauma from poor boundaries or communication. Accept & love yourself as you are, so that you can clearly state what you need and what you desire. It’s time to take off all the masks so that your heart can really speak. It is an inner journey, are you willing to dive in?”
  2. Show up as Love door Or Yahel Koren:Come for a simple yet profound ancient ritual that will increase your ability to show up for your soul as love in the world. Bring the uniqueness that you are. Meeting the shame, guilt or fear that might stand in your way and embrace them in an empowering way.
  3. Moving through Powerful Emotions door Laurie Handlers: This powerful set of emotional management tools is some of the most important techniques that have made my life and relationships much easier. Priceless!
  4. Intimacy 101 door Louise Claire: “We all have a deep yearning for intimacy, true intimacy – to be seen and to see others beyond the masks, beyond the superficial, to meet in depth, realness, rawness – to be truly naked. Let us explore the pathway to intimacy, learn simple and powerful tantric tools and practices that cultivate intimacy and how hot it can be to communicate with clarity and simplicity. Leaning into our longings, desires and fears and discovering how to meet the divinity within ourselves and each other.”
  5. Meeting The Man Within You (For Women) door Clara Gómez Santos:When disconnected from the “mature” Masculine energy available within us, we spend vast amounts of life force sourcing it from external manifestations such as partners, teachers, family members, leaders… loosing ourselves and our power in the process. This game of projection may only cease when we cultivate a healthy embodiment of the Masculine energy we each posses.
  6. Shamanic Speed Study door Raffaello Manacorda: ”In these times of isolation, why not take the opportunity to deepen the study of a field you always wanted to explore? This workshop will present shamanic tools and techniques that I am personally using to hack my academic studies (Ph. D. in Wisdom Studies). You will be learning techniques to maximize the speed and depth of study, to keep your attention alive and playful, and to use life force (including erotic energy) for higher clarity of mind and capacity of concentration. Bring a book (non-fiction) that you want to study, a long pencil or a chinese chop-stick, and a notebook. Wear comfortable clothes.
  7. What is Tantra & Why should I care? Door Eugene Hedlund: ”Come learn what tantra is beyond the mythology and how these ancient practices can support your modern life. The practical application of Tantra to our modern lives offers the key to find the freedom we yearn for within and thus we may open to the depth of intimacy and connection we desire. Tantra is elegantly simple at it’s core. It invites us to bring consciousness to that which was unconscious. That is all. And it is enough. Now more than ever we need to remember how to be with, to see clearly and remember our wholeness so we may move powerfully yet clearly and in ease in an ever changing world.
  8. Quantum Light Breath door Niten Dhyan: “Designed by Jeru Kabbal, The Quantum Light Breath is a powerful one hour meditation which cleans out impurities and toxins from all the various aspects of our being, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was developed as a technique to cut through the mind without dealing directly with it. It is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis or painful emotional experiences. It usually takes the user into an expanded state of consciousness. Universal love is experienced as a reality and not as an unreachable concept as well as a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence.”

Dit is mijn fijne hoekje voor de komende dagen

Mochten je op de hoogte willen blijven van hoe ik deze workshops heb ervaren en welke lessen ik heb geleerd, hou dan deze pagina in de gaten! Ik zal hier en daar ook wat dingetjes delen op mijn Instagram. Stay Tuned!